" I'm used to getting hurt....."

" My body is always in pain."

"Even if someone gets hurt in a shot in Hong Kong we can still use that scene; I know you can't do that in America."

"I was so scared, I was shaking while standing at the top of the staircase(Police Story)...My producers decided to use full voltage. That was the most hazardous stunt I've ever done."

" ......Of course, I'm scared. My heart 'boom-boom, boom-boom'. After all these years, I know to never wait to long. Before, I'm waiting. I think 'Maybe break my leg...maybe break my arm....'."

"I've broken bones from head to toe. But broken legs and fingers don't matter. I hurt for weeks and months, but my films give people memories that can keep for years."

"Like last year, when I broke my leg on Rumble in the Bronx, I went 'Ow!'. I saw my ankle was a funny shape so I put it back myself, then went to the hospital.