Steve James

(Actor, Martial artist, "American Ninja Series", "I'm gonna Git you Sucker")

" Jackie Influenced me, come on. I mean that's why I flew all the way from L.A. to see him. He's my hero. I actually came here to try and talk to him about getting into one of his films. I don't like getting beat up much in films, but Jackie could beat me up anytime. My first influence was Bruce Lee, and then I saw Jackie afterwards, and it was entirely different. When people ask me who I think is the best action star, I don't say Stallone, I don't say Schwarzenegger, I say Jackie. You got a guy, who's a total film maker, he does everything himself, he does things differently. He's my influence, I learn from him, that's why I'm here.

(Note: Steve James, passed away several years ago from, pancreatic cancer)