hollywoodJackie and "Me" at Planet Hollywood

JackiemeOn Wednesday night, after dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant, my fortune cookie "told" me that my "Dearest wish will come true". I smiled an thought to myself, yeah right. Well wouldn't you know it, I was wrong and the fortune cookie was right. On 2/1/96, I met Jackie Chan in person, in the flesh at NYC's "Planet Hollywood". It was a dream come true for me. I've been watching Jackie Chan movies since the early 70's, when it wasn't even fashionable to watch Jackie Chan movies. I have been one of his biggest fans ever since.yinyang When he didn't make it here in the States, and went back to Hong Kong, I was still there. I would go to those small Chinatown theaters, every time his movies came out. I would sit there laughing and cheering, amazed at his talent. But never once did I think that I would actually meet him, but I did.