Jackie Chan's Injury Part2

The Injury

* About two weeks ago, while filming his latest picture in Melbourne, Australia, Chan performed a stunt which required him to fall from a building that was still under construction, onto a wheelbarrow, and land on the ground. The oft-injured film star considered this to be a simple stunt and proceeded as per usual. However, all did not go accordingly. Mats had been placed at the base of the makeshift building to break Chan's fall from the wheelbarrow. However, because the crews had laid the mats too close to the building, Chan landed on them, rolled off the edge and landed on the uncovered ground. Smiling as he got up, he acted as though nothing was wrong. But when he tried to move his neck, he heard a cracking sound. Chan knew he had hurt himself so he lay down immediately, passing out shortly afterwards. His crew became very alarmed and rushed to get medical help. Chan regained consciousness about two minutes later and was wide awake when he arrived at the hospital. After taking X-rays of his injury, doctors determined that Chan had torn some ligaments in his neck and dislocated several vertebrae. "I wasn't really afraid," commented Chan afterwards, "because I'm accustomed to injuries after all these years. Because the stunt was simple, I became a bit careless and took it too lightly."Click image at right for more photos)

(* The article appeared in Next Magazine, issue# 329. The English translation was done by Deacon Blackfire)

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