The "Drunken Master", Model Kit

This kit is sold thru a catalog, called "Previews", it's available in most "Comic/Hobby" stores. It's mail-order only. The kit is on page 377 of this months catalog, but there is no price listed. The store owner will usually have a master price list, which also means they can charge pretty much what they want. The catalog states that the order must be placed by OCT. 12, and it takes two months before you recieve it, don't ask me why. In the NY, I purchased it for $95.00 + tax. I had to leave a non-refundable deposit. If you have a good relationship with one of these stores, you can probably phone in the order. The kit # is: RSD/6601. Sorry it's a short notice, but I just found out about it myself. Well I hope this helps. Take care. PB:-)