The @Cafe

The @Cafe

....American director say to me, "Jackie, one punch, or one kick , he falls down", They want me very tough. I say, "That's not me"......

When I first come to America, nobody knows who I am. Everyday I go to different city, and they ask the same question, "What's your name?", I say "Jackie Chan" "Where are you from?", I say, "Hong Kong", they say, "Is that in Japan?".....This time it's different, a lot of people know me, I am happy.

I train 3 hours a day. I jog and work out with light weight. I must keep in shape, I must keep my body flexible. I don't use special effect.

....I studied Northern Style 10 years, Southern style 5 years, Hapkido 6 months, Karate 3 months, Boxing 3 months....I studied a lot , but I'm not perfect.....I'm like a caesar salad, a mix of a lot of different things....

Jet Li and I have script, I play a thief. But his company wants full distribution, and my company(Golden Harvest) wants full distribution. So these things have to be worked out.

If 'Rumble' does well here, the next movie for 'New Line' is 'Police Story 4: First Strike'. I don't think American audiences will like 'Thunderbolt', I think it's too Asian.

I want to make 'Drunken Master III', but I can't think of good story. In DM1 all drinking and fighting, In DMII no drinking and no violence, I don't know what to do for DMIII. If you can think of good story, send it to me.

In the last fight scene of DMII, I was going to fight someone else(Ho Sun-Park). He's a very good marital artist, but he can't get the 'rhythm', he keeps twisting his ankle, so I use Ken Lo. I have Ken train hard for 3months, kick very fast and a lot of stretching. You see how he stretchs his leg in DMII.....