Movie: Armour of God
During a stunt,Jackie fell from a tree, and split open his skull. The acident caused a brain hemmorhage, skull fragments had to be removed from his brain. To date, this is the most serious injury he has suffered.

Movie: Drunken Master
Jackie suffered a broken eye socket, when he was kicked in the face.

Movie: Police Story III
Dislocated and fractured his cheek bone.

Movie: First Strike
Split his upper lip, during an action sequence.(Note: Before he becomes famous, a kick to the face breaks a tooth)

Movie: Dragon Lord
Broke lower jaw bone.

Movie: Young Master
Jackie broke his nose on one incident, and on another he took a heavy blow to the throat, which nearly killed him.

Movie: Project "A"
Fell from the clock tower, a little more then 10meters, and sprained his neck. In another incident he re-broke his nose.

Movie: A Nice Guy
Hurts his nose, yet another time. During a stunt gone wrong, Jackie dislocates his neck and also tears a ligament in his neck.