Gary Daniels

(Martial artist, "City Hunter", "Fist of the North Star")

"Jackie's phenomenal, I had a great time working with him. He's a physical genius, he dreams up things to do with his body..... Just to shoot a gun, just to shoot somebody, if he's laying on the ground, and picks up a gun, he's not just going to go, 'bang'. He'll lay on the ground, flip two times in air and then shoot the gun.
Jackie's fights are more like dancing, working with Jackie, what you hear more then anything is, 'Rhythm, Gary, Rhythm...... move in, move out. You've got to move in synch with each other all time....
Jackie's phenomenal with camera angles, he's way ahead of everyone, when it comes to camera angles. He knows where the camera is at all times, he'll always relate the action to the camera. Mixed with his humor, his physical abilities, and natural presence, that's what makes Jackie a star, that's what makes him who he is.
.....Jackie is a Master who is ahead of his time, and I would work with him again any day."