by Clyde Gentry III

He is an unconventional hero that the common man can believe in. His unique brand of action comedy has won him fans the world over, and, in 1996, Jackie Chan broke into the American market with the successful Rumble in the Bronx. Now, for his longtime fans and this newfound audience, the complete story of Jackie Chan will finally be revealed.

In Jackie Chan: Inside the Dragon, Clyde Gentry interviewed more than twenty-five people in Chan's life--directors (Sammo Hung, Stanley Tong), producers (Ng See-yuen, Chua Lam), fight opponents (Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Whang Inn-sik), and the writer Edward Tang, who has written the screenplays for more than 90% of Chan's films after Young Master. Interviews with Chan provide revealing glimpses into his creative processes.

Jackie Chan: Inside the Dragon also delves deeply into the Hong Kong cinema world, analyzing films, filmmaking techniques, martial arts elements, and elaborate stunts.

Here are some of the highlights from the book:

    Interviews: Jackie Chan, Edward Tang, Sammo Hung, Stanley Tong, Ng See-Yuen, Hal Needham, Whang Inn-Sik, Willie Chan, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Gary Daniel's, Keith Vitali, Chua Lam, Mars, Marc Akerstream, Rosamund Kwan, Richard Ng, Shu Kei, Richard Norton, Alan Sit Chu-wai, Kenneth Low, Tai Po, Ric Meyers, Cynthia Rothrock, Roberta Chow, Russell Cawthorne.

    175 Illustrations: On-the-set shots (including from Mr. Nice Guy), rare Lobby cards, posters, Hong Kong newspaper ads, storyboards from First Strike, film stills and action shots, a Chan body injury map, and an 8-page color insert.

    Extras: Chinese characters for more than 40 Chan films as well as for actors, the most complete Chan filmography, excerpts from the Mr. Nice Guy script, translations of Chan theme songs (including Police Story and Drunken Master II), information on finding Chinese videos, and listings of fan clubs, Hong Kong cinema mags, martial arts resources, and more.

    The truth behind Jackie Chan's stuntwork--Does Jackie do all his own stunts? Wait and find out! Plus, a first-hand account of his fall from the tree in Armor of God.

    An in-depth look at shooting a Jackie Chan fight sequence that explains the relationship between fight choreography, direction, and editing.

    Jackie's ten best fights and stunts, including on-set photographs mapping out Chan's best fight with Benny "The Jet" Urquidez from Wheels on Meals.

    The truth behind the supposed real-life challenge between Chan and Urquidez--as well as a look at Chan's real-life brawls.

    The problems behind Armour of God II: Operation Condor are finally revealed by assistant director/screenwriter Edward Tang.

This book is an oversized paperback, 200 pages, $18.95. The publisher is Taylor Publishing Company. The book is available now, you can purchase online thru Amazon Books. It is also available at Barnes & Noble bookstores.