Jackie Chan's Real Fights

Detroit, Michigan

" I met the first trouble-maker the day I arrived in Detroit, Michigan. When I stepped in the City Center, I saw a banner written, 'Jackie Chan - Master of Kung-Fu', being hung on the front door of City Hall. I immediately sensed the unpleasant atmosphere of the crowd, apparently offended by the words on the banner. As I predicted, trouble came. As my interview was coming to an end, I was asked to perform a few Kung-fu techniques. At that point a guy jumps onto the stage and shouts to me, "Jackie Chan, what would you do if someone attacks you?" The guy wasn't tall but had a sturdy built. From the way he dressed and behaved, he probably wanted to get a name for himself by striking me. While I was concentrating I also watched for the staff's reaction. But they didn't take any action, they wanted to see the duel. I had no choice but to keep calm and ready myself. In fact I decided to kick his legs. He made the first move, he swung his fists, looking like a fient move. Anyhow my left foot already struck his legs. With a loud 'bang' he hit the stage. At that point we were surrounded by the staff."