Jackie at the @Cafe

cafe1I was fortunate enough see Jackie Chan, live at the @Cafe, Monday night, 2/12/96 in NY. It was supposed to be a real time online chat. But due to technical difficulties, it turned to be a one hour question and answer session. My friend and I got there about 7:00pm and met other fan club members. We introduced ourselves, and we started swapping our favorite Jackie stories, waiting for him to arrive. Some fan club members had bought gifts to give to a Jackie. I had brought my DMII airbrush tee-shirt, to wear for the event. Someone suggested that I give it to Jackie as gift. I said I would think about it, but I really didn't want to part it. The shirt was beautiful, it was copy of the DMII poster. Anyway, now it's 9:00pm, and the place is packed. Jackie arrives, accompanied by Wille, Ken Lo, and some people from 'New Line'. He climbs up these stairs to this small balcony. He waves at everybody, the place is rocking now. People cheering, yelling, applauding.tees You can tell Jackie is touched by this outpouring, he takes the mike, and starts thanking everyone. I'm standing on a chair now, and my friend says, "Show him the tee-shirt". So I hold up the tee-shirt. Jackie stops in mid-sentence and says "Wow, what a beautiful shirt",(see photo at right) right then I knew I would give it to him as a gift. People start right in with the questions, and Jackie is quick to accommodate. Jackie captivates the audience, he's very animated, moving his hands, trying to express himself. He tries to answer every question thoughtfully, no 'pat' one word answers from Jackie. He's really into it now, he's charming, he's funny, he's witty and the audience is eating it up. cafe2 You can tell he was having a good time. He was also gracious when asked about guys like Seagal and Van Damne, he didn't put anyone down, even when someone asked about director 'Wong Jing'(High Risk). Jackie refused to comment, he just smiled. Then someone asked him if he was going to make DMIII, and Jackie says that he can't come up with a good story, and that if anyone in the audience has a good story line for DMIII, just send to him. As I stood there listening to this, I marveled at how humble he was. What other actor would ask his audience for a story line? I realized that the guy we love on the screen is the same guy off screen, it's not acting, it's who he is.cafe3 Well now it's close to 10:00pm and New Line is starting to push him out , claiming that he has another interview. But Jackie is still talking, people are giving gifts and I toss him the tee-shirt. He catches it and hands it to Ken Lo. New Line is pushing him towards the exit and he's shaking hands with everyone on the way out. Then someone yells out "Jackie your the best, Van Damne and Seagal ain't s__t"! Now I was upset, so I yelled at him "Hey, Van Damne and Seagal aren't s__t". I just hate bad grammar!!(grin). Jackie's gone now and the place is quickly emptying out. I'm sorry to see it end so quickly, but I had a great time! It's an evening that I'll never forget.

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